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Medical aid with Financial Wealth Capital

Sickness in the family is always a tough time for everyone. In today’s economy, it can also be very tough on the pocket as well. This is why it important to make sure you are duly covered for medical expenses whenever the need arises. Medical insurance can help you cover your clinical costs should you need medical attention, at a very affordable rate. Having a reliable medical insurance policy will allow you to deal with your wellbeing without agonizing over the expense. Medical insurance doesn’t offer similar advantages as a medical aid and is certainly not a substitute for it, however it is certainly a contending alternative in the event that you can’t manage the cost of medical aid.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Can a medical aid refuses to pay?

Medical aids may refuse to cover treatment in two situations: The treatment may be non-essential, which means that it is either not conclusively proven to be beneficial or has no effect on one’s health and lifespan.

Can my friend use my medical aid?

Please keep in mind that using someone else’s medical aid card, with or without that person’s consent or knowledge, is considered fraud. This practice will report such instances to the medical aid in question in order to avoid being labelled as a collaborator in the fraud.

What is not covered by medical aid?

Expenses such as visits to doctors or physiotherapists, as well as medical equipment or medication, will not be covered once you have been discharged. These policies provide a lump sum payment if you become disabled or contract a dangerous disease.

Why would a medical claim be denied?

A claim may be denied due to manual errors and patient data oversights such as a missing or incorrect patient subscriber number, a missing date of birth, or insurance ineligibility.

Can I put my mom on my medical aid?

You can only enrol your parents as adult dependents in your medical plan if you can demonstrate that they are financially dependent on you. Parents who are financially self-sufficient may not be eligible to participate in your scheme.