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How to pick the best insurer for your needs

Jul 1, 2022

There is no denying the value of taking out an insurance policy. Living without insurance is like walking around in banana peel laced shoes – just an accident waiting to happen. The most obvious benefit of insurance that any agent will try and sell you on is that it provides you with the necessary protection against unforeseeable costs from unanticipated life events. But it’s all true.

Whether it is for car, home, home contents, medical expenses, debt obligations, and even your life itself, insurance is the shield that you need to be protected against theft, damages, and from financial onuses that may arise from injuries and accidents to your person, property, and other possessions.

So, the argument for getting insured is definitely undeniable. But with the plethora of options in the market, how could you possibly know how to get the right insurance, and where in the world would you even find the time? In this blog we discuss a few guidelines for quietening the drumming headache beckoned with trying to decipher exclusions from endorsements, conditions and not to mention repatriations, what do all these things mean, and how will they help me pick a good insurance policy?

The first tip is one that applies generally whenever anyone asks you to part with your hard-earned money: find out who this person is. The first and most important rule when choosing an insurance policy is to find out who exactly the insurer is. Some important questions to ask, include how long the insurer has been in business, their financial strength, what type of product they specialise on, what their goals are, and finally and most importantly what other people are saying about them. A company’s financial strength is very important because you need to be able to know that your insurer will be able to pay whenever you need it to.

The next step is to delve into the specifics of the insurer’s offering: does it cater to your particular needs, is their premium amount within your budgeted amount, and does their communication style (in contact, electronic, telephonic, or online) suit your lifestyle. Some companies might offer the most attractive benefits, however those may not solve your unique needs. For example, a funeral policy might offer added benefits like airtime, groceries, and transport fees, however it may not allow you to cover all the relatives that you are financially responsible for. This is why it is important to ensure that, whichever insurer you go for aligns with all the precise benefits you are looking for.

Finally, because there are so many different options for each type of insurance, consumers are constantly inundated with a vast array of advertisements, all vying for their buy in. These may be construed with inflated promises, irrelevant fluff, and a whole lot of untruths. An open secret to successfully making lucrative purchases, particularly those that require a long-term commitment is that word of mouth always trumps the flashiest of advertising campaigns. In this way, you get to find out from people who have firsthand experience with the product about their real-life encounter, as opposed to a decorated sales pitch.

It is for this exact reason that we bring in the best of our industry experts to go out there and find the best cover for you. As your objective financial consultants, we are able to professionally discern worthy choices from the rot and bring you the best cover for your individual needs.

Don’t waste time sifting through billions of insurance ads to get cover, we can do the work for you. Contact us today.