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Don’t let funeral expenses be the death of you.

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Funeral cover with Financial Wealth Capital

Everyone knows that the cost of living is high, however what most people often overlook is that the cost of dying could be even higher. From the coffin, to catering, venue, and transport as well as grave and undertaker fees, paying your last respects could cost up to R40 000. Having funeral cover in place can eliminate the risk of leaving your family going into to debt to bury you.  As a licensed financial services provider our promise to you is that we can bring you the best funeral plans on the market, allowing you to choose the plan that represents what means more to you and your loved ones, at a value that you can afford.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I get my money back if I cancel a funeral cover?

Typically, there is a 30-day cooling-off period. If you cancel your funeral plan within the first 30 days of purchase (for any reason), you should receive a full refund of the premiums paid for that month, assuming you have not claimed.

What is the maximum funeral cover pay out in South Africa?

A funeral plan may not provide more than R100,000 per insured life per policy, according to the Insurance Act.

How long does funeral cover take to pay out?

Funeral Insurance, unlike other types of insurance, is purchased for a specific event: your funeral or that of a loved one. Funeral policiestypically pay out a lump sum within 48 hours of an approved insurance claim. This lump sum is paid to the funeral policy beneficiary.

Can you have 2 funeral policies?

In some instances, having two funeral policies may make sense. If your employer’s policy only covers your spouse and children, you may need to purchase an additional policy to cover extended family members. Save money while still getting the coverage you require!

What happens if a person dies before waiting period?

During a waiting period, you typically only enjoy cover for a death resulting from an accident and not from natural causes. Even if you, or any other insured under the life policy, die from natural causes one day before the end of the waiting period, the policy benefit will not be payable.