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About Us

A voice of authority in the financial service sector, FWC offers professional guidance on all things personal finance. Whether you’re seeking the best short-term insurance cover or looking into estate planning and long-term investments, FWC has got you covered.

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About FWC

The world of insurance can often leave one feeling overwhelmed and lost. That’s where FWC comes in – Like a compass, we aim to assist South Africans in navigating the ever-expanding world of financial services. Whether you are looking to make money, save money or simply get insured, FWC has already paved the way, all that’s left is for you to take the first step, following which, every step going forward will be with FWC by your side.

FWC, your compass in the world of insurance.

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Our Story

As a young child, our Founder learned the lesson of financial freedom from observing his father provide for and futureproof their family through a series of strategic financial decisions. Happy childhood memories of family braais and holiday drives down to the wild coast, inspired him to strive to not only create that kind of life for himself and future family, but for South Africans from all walks of life. Health, wealth, and legacy are the principal elements of the fulfilled life that we all aspire to. Financial Wealth Capital aims to empower ordinary South Africans to not only become economically independent personally, but to also extend this courtesy to their communities. Through a series of strategically curated programmes, we strive to assist consumers, save money, make money, and getting the best cover on all their insurance needs.

our story page

Our Mission

To act as a driving force promoting a sustainable livelihood for South Africans through a combination of convenience and high-quality financial services and the education thereof.

Our Vission

Our goal is to make available the best variety of insurance and investment products for South Africans while guaranteeing the utmost convenience.

Our Values

FWC - Answerability


Having the confidence of our clients and being accountable for our actions.

FWC - Originality


Making a difference through agile innovation.

FWC - Customer Service

Customer Service:

Advocating for our clients’ interests at all times.

FWC - Diversity


Promoting an environment that is conducive to different experiences and perspectives.

FWC - Inclusion


Assuring that marginalized and excluded groups are afforded the same opportunities and resources as others.

FWC - Respect


Treating each other and our clients with the utmost respect.